how to cook the perfect chicken breast in the oven

Learn how to cook whole chicken so you can prepare meat for the whole family or several meals at the same time. This also saves the cost of buying chickens because you do not have to pay extra if you want the butcher to cut the breast, thighs or other parts of chicken. How to cook the perfect chicken breast in the oven.

How to cook the perfect chicken breast in the oven

How to cook the perfect chicken breast in the oven

Prepare grilled chicken

  1. Whole chicken broth. Depending on the size of the chicken or small, it can take 1-3 days to defrost raw chicken in the refrigerator. You should prepare chicken immediately after thawing to avoid food poisoning.
  2. Heating the oven at 2300C. Rely on the size of the chicken to place the rack in the middle of the oven or in the middle of the oven a little.
  3. Clean the space near the kitchen sink. You should remove kitchen utensils, dishes and utensils made from silver to avoid staining during chicken production. Prepare a baking pan or large pot nearby to easily transfer the chicken.
  4. Take the chicken out of the package. Dispose packaging directly in the trash.
  5. Cut the neck and wing out of the chicken. You can throw your neck and wings if you do not want to cook chicken broth.
  6. Lay hands near the chicken breast cavity, up on the chicken breast. You can insert finger between breast and skin. Move hands under the skin and loosen the chicken skin to facilitate the seasoning later.
  7. Wash hands for 30 seconds before handling any other ingredients or dishes.

Whole chicken broth

  1. Decide the spice you want to use. Grilled chicken is very easy to marinate, so it can be enhanced with the flavors available, fruits or vegetables that you like.
  • You can try the lemon pepper or lemon garlic. Lemon, onion and garlic are the main aromatic flavors to help the chicken taste. Pepper or garlic can be used to wedge the outside as well as inside the chickens.
  • You can also consider using aromatic herbs such as rosemary, basil and musk. You can use spices for chicken or Italian spices if you do not have fresh herbs.
  • Spice Spanish or Mexican such as chili, paprika, garlic or Cayenne peppers to create a spicy outside of the chicken. Add chicken marinade for Taco and Enchiladas. Adobo is a combination of Paprika, Oregano, garlic and pepper that is packaged and sold at specialty stores and supermarkets.

2.Fragrant spicy.

  • Cut 1-2 lemons into the chicken body.
  • Cut onion and leeks into 4 sections.
  • Peeled garlic You can order 2-10 cloves of garlic anywhere you like on chicken.

     3. Mix spices to rub on chicken. Mix 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of non-salted melted butter with ½ teaspoon of salt (1 g) of salt, ½ teaspoon of pepper with ½ teaspoon of 1 teaspoon of vegetables fresh or dried. You can mix fresh herbs and dried 1: 3 ratio because the dried herbs are usually stronger.

  • You can use canola oil or olive oil as a substitute for butter. Fat makes the outside of the chicken brownish.

   4. Rub butter and herbs or spices on the chicken. Rub spice under the skin, on the chicken surface.

Stuffed / grilled chicken

  1. Mix lemon, onion and garlic with salt and pepper. Spice the chicken breast cavity. Make sure you do not let any of the ingredients fall out and also tighten the chickens if you want.
  2. Place the chicken on the grill, if you have not prepared the barbecue before. Chop chicken breast on the grill rack.
  3. Cut apples, potatoes, onions and other vegetables. Put these ingredients on the grill rack first.
  • If using a large pot, you should put the pot in the pot first, then put the chicken up. This helps the juices drip into the pot during the baking process.
  • If the vegetables are sliced ​​smaller, you should wait 20-30 minutes before laying below the barbecue to prevent the vegetables ripen.

4. Forced chicken if you want. This means that you use two chicken legs and close two wings to seal the chicken breasts.

  • Force chickens unnecessary. You may lose more cooking time as the chicken will heat up to touch the chicken.

Roast chicken whole

  1. Place the griddle in the oven. Turn the oven on 2300C for 20 minutes. This helps to keep the chicken and help the chicken to ripen.
  2. Decrease oven temperature to 1900 C. Grill chicken for 1-1 / 1½ hours, depending on size, uniformity of the oven and altitude compared to sea level.
  3. Insert the thermometer into the meat thigh. The thermometer should reach 77 ° C. If this temperature is not reached, you should bake for another 20-30 minutes, then measure again.

Then, just pick up the chicken from the oven and wait for it to cool down. Bon Appetite



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